The Goods

From small seeds come great deeds…
So ring the changes on your shopping and get a whole load of goodness into your life.

Hemp Milk

Very good for you. Very good for the planet. And it certainly doesn’t split in hot drinks.
One small sip for man, one giant leap for mankind…

CBD Barista Seed Milk

Barista Seed Milk

Creamy Seed Milk

Hemp Oil

Cold-pressed oils absolutely jam-packed with all the goodness of hemp seeds.
There’s one for everyday and an extra virgin one for drizzling.

Original Oil

Extra virgin hemp seed oil

Hemp Seeds

Small but seriously mighty, our hemp seed hearts will do the power of good.

Seed Hearts

Hemp Protein

Hempower yourself with the very best protein around – purely from plants.

Pure 75% Protein

Raw 50% Protein

CBD Protein

Use throughout the day to top up CBD levels and restore the body’s natural balance.

Good hemp Full Spectrum 500mg cbd drops

Good hemp Full Spectrum 1000mg cbd drops